Riding Styles

Flirt, Love or Passion?


to behave or act amorously without emotional commitment; toy or play with another’s affections; dally

I normally use the bike to cycle to work, commute, have fun and pretty much do everything around the place I live.

I like the wind blowing on my face on a relaxed spin and a soft saddle. Love to frequently get-off the bike to take a shot and I have no problem asking for help when I have cycled enough.

Confident climbing slightly inclined hills but flat routes are also ok with.

Route Type on my vacation average 30 km, mostly on flat routes not every day.




an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness, and regard towards a person or thing

I normally use the bike to regularly increase my fitness level, enjoy a long ride, explore a beautiful landscape.

I like waking up early to start my 3 hours ride, having my own pace, when I am climbing and I can easily enjoy a break before begin pedaling again, the feeling when I am in the top.

Confident climbing short mountains or one big climb.

Route Type on my vacation avg 50 km with max1500m of total elevation every day max



ardent love, 
a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc.

I normally use the bike to systematically train, increase my fitness level, challenge my limits and occasionally race.

I like monitoring myself, riding on a fast pace, taking up the challenge of every terrain, giving up to the delirium of reaching the top having fun on the fast descents.

Confident climbing All kinds of terrain. Love the challenge.

Route Type on my vacation Avg 100km with 2000m of elevation daily.



I normally use the bike to get it out the hallway because it bothers me! Sometimes though, I endure to the temptation and I enjoy a nice easy ride.

I like an active approach during my vacation. Wandering on foot and hiking is among my favorite activities. I love exploring but I feel nice lying on a beach and enjoy the peace.

Confident climbing every kind hiking path up to 5 hours.

Route Type on my vacation An active tour, some hiking, beautiful landscapes, culture, good food and a nice night sleep.

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