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Beta Users Wanted

Enroll to our Beta Users scheme and get a discount voucher on your next bike rental. You feedback is very important to us.

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GrCycling Partner Hotel

Επεκτείνετε την season σας και επενδύστε στον ποδηλατικό τουρισμό. Δηλώστε συμμετοχή και δώστε την ευκαιρία στους πελάτες σας να ενοικιάσουν ποδήλατο.

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Peloponnese Cycling: Leonidio Project

A fascinating, unexplored cycling destination in the Peloponnese. Elevation in abundance, stunning roads both in mountains and coast, excellent food options and rich cultural elements. Cycling vacations at its best!

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How safe is cycling / biking in Greece?

Cycling in Greece is wonderfully Safe! Read about drivers behaviour, road conditions & personal safety while cycling Greece. An objective study conducted by our team, which aims to provide the cycling community with reliable and credible information.

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Bike Box Storage in Athens

A Complete Bike Box Storage & Logistics service that you will allow you to focus on your cycling holiday. Leave the logistics part to us.

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Athens: riding with my soul wide open. Dec 23rd with 18oC

A unforgettable cycling ride, in Athens toward Sounio in December ’18. Two Friends and the Greek nature resulted an extraordinary, perfect day, perfect within this own simplicity and authenticity.

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PowerMan 2019 Greece – Bike Hire

PowerMan for the first time in Loutraki, Greece. Book your bike today and enjoy a wonderful and powerful race.

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Ironman 70.3 Greece Costa Navarino Bike Hire & Rentals

Bike rental options for Greece’s Ironman Triathlon Race. A hassle free process to book your bike and and enjoy the race.

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Cycling in Meteora – Route Options

Cycling, a complete way to explore the area It is undoubtedly a fact that cycling is the best way for […]

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Pelion: an ultimately complete cycling experience

Cycling on the land of Centaurs is a thrilling experience. Steep mountain pass, coastal routes, remote villages, quiet roads. An ideal cycling destination for all to discover.

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Our e-bikes fleet is now ready

We have set up Greece’s most premium e-bikes fleet. Looking for an e-mtb or for a e-bike to wander around the city of Athens. Find your rental today!

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Cycling in Delphi

Cycling in Delphi, Greece’s most sacred place, is a unique experience. Verdan passes and traditional villages welcome any visitor. Let us take you there!

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Meteora: Cycling on a unique destination

Monasteries built on top of bizarre rocky pillars and breathtaking views in every step. It is natural that cycling cannot get more interesting than here.

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Cycling in Kefalonia

Looking for a unique cycling experience? The island of Kefalonia will get you trilled. The steep terrain, the rugged hills and the encapsulating views will make your riding complete!

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Road Cycling and Mountain Biking in Greece

Greece offers countless MTB trails and raises seriously climbing challenges to all avid road cyclists. Greece is the most COMPLETE cycling destination.

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Road Cycling in Athens

Athens: A road cycling paradise. One of the busiest capitals in Europe, offers some great riding that will fascinate and challenge road cycling enthusiasts.

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Mountain Biking (MTB) in Athens

Some of the best MTB trails are found very close to Athens. Mt. Parnitha, offers a truly authentic mountain biking experience, suitable for all MTB lovers.

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Our Bike Rental Service is here!

Renting a bicycle in Greece, has never been easier. Our rental service is here for you to enjoy your cycling vacations and cycling trips in Greece.

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Flirt, Love or Passion?

Romanticism takes on a whole new meaning when a romantic place is integrated with a romantic activity. In this case, the romantic activity being cycling and the romantic place being Greece.

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Where Epic was born…

Get ready for epic climbs, as Greece boasts about its mountainous terrain and its HC climbs and challenges you to test yourself, both physically & mentally.

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Cycling, a sense of freedom

There’s nothing that can beat a calm and serene cycle ride, be it around the city or amidst the mountains. It’s an indescribable feeling!

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Riders, welcome to Greece!

We keep an OPEN BOOK POLICY! We share all the insight and information, so that anyone who wants to explore Greece either on his own or by joining us, would be able to do it.

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Sariza Spring and its healing properties

The fez (Turkish hat) of Pasa San Riza fell into a stream and was washed away in a spring in the village Apoikia in Andros Island.

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Sharing the passion. Simply, a marvelous job!

Our staff says: Riding my bike has always been my getaway. At some point, it became my passion, and it ruled my decisions on numerous things in my daily life.

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Who invented the first bicycle?

Was it more of a team effort than a single man’s work? From a weird prototype up to its current form, bicycle is now used by millions of people. Read more about its evolution over the decades.

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The perks of living in a Mediterranean Country

Greece is the ideal country for any activity throughout the year, as it constantly gives you the possibility to enjoy the sea even at winter season when the sun brightly shines upon us, urges us, to indulge to any impulse and to just embrace each moment.

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