Flirt, Love or Passion?

Flirt, Love or Passion?

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Romanticism takes on a whole new meaning when a romantic place is integrated with a romantic activity. In this case, the romantic activity being cycling and the romantic place being Greece.

Greece has always been a land of fascinating landscapes and enthralling beauty. And perhaps there is no better way than cycling to enjoy and soak in the beauty of Greece.

GR Cycling has taken the initiative and ingeniously devised a way in which both can be enjoyed to the maximum. Grecian landscape has the perfect terrain where you can unleash your passion for cycling and sightseeing. Cycling around the idyllic and rich territory is perhaps the best way to satisfy the tourist and adventurist in you.

The team GR Cycling has designed tours according to your taste, need and requirement. They aim not just for your personal fulfillment, by giving you the right dose of mountains, seas, cultural heritage and spell bounding scenery. But they also have the hidden agenda of your wellness at heart.

Travelling in Greece is nothing short of a love story! A fleeting glimpse of the nation and it teases you and flirts with you blatantly till you are hopelessly in love with it. Making you eager to learn more about this exotic land. As you begin to unearth and discover the beauty of the place, you keep falling irrecoverably in love with this city seeped in culture and tradition. So much so that the name ignites a passion in you to unravel the mysteries even further and you are lovelorn to learn more about it.

It is this tendency of an adventurist that GR Cycling has integrated into the packages offered. Our packages are thoughtfully designed as per the riding styles preferred. Every riding style has specific trips and routes, carefully selected and planned. Our riding styles signify the journey of every cyclist and the tryst with Greece.

We offer riding styles namely, Flirt, Love and Passion.

Flirt: This riding style incorporates cycling into your daily routine. You commute; you go to work or just cycle. This is like a tease, inciting you to explore further.

Love: The courtship phase. You opt for longer rides and explore enthralling landscapes.

Passion: This is all about getting cycling and Greece in your blood. You are passionately cycling over every kind of terrain, taking part in races and challenging your limits, giving you the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Contact GR Cycling to know more about taking your Grecian experience to the next level.


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