Cycling in Meteora – Route Options

When an exciting activity meets a fascinating destination

One of Greece’s most bizarre destination hosts the world’s famous rock formations which are dated back 60 million years, when a mixture of sandstone and conglomerate were formed during the Tertiary Period. The forces of the water and wind gave the rocks their present shape, offering the a unique spectacle.

Cycling, a complete way to explore the area

It is undoubtedly a fact that cycling is the best way for all visitors to unravel the hidden cultural elements and discover the authentic side of the area surrounding the Meteora. Apart from visiting the monasteries, built on top of those strange rock formations, all cycling visitors can enjoy riding on some superb and truly scenic routes, away from traffic and mass touristic activity.

Stunning views and traditional villages, where cyclists are welcomed, are some of the highlights. All can enjoy the local delicacies and recipes, full of flavors and made with the best ingredients from the nearby fields.

The Lake of Plastira, one of Greece’s most significant, with great biodiversity, wetlands, is the absolute reward for all cyclists who have chosen to visit the area. The calm waters, the peaceful sounds, and the absence of any short of touristic frenzy, fills the riders with a sense of excitement, turning every day into a life’s memory.

Weather in Greece

The climate in Greece is characterised as ideal for cycling and every visitor can pleasantly ride in all four seasons. In detail, the climate consists of relatively mild winters, warm and dry summers and, generally, wide extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. It is worth mentioning, that a great variety of climate subtypes, always within the commonly known Mediterranean climate frame, are encountered in several regions of Greece. The great mountain range along the central part and various mountainous bodies contribute to a unique and interesting terrain.

Cycling Route Option 1

From Lake Plastira to Meteora

A superb climb, a joyful descend and the bizarre site of Meteora

Cycling Route Option 2

Meteora – Trikala – Lake Plastira

A unique landscape, A modern city, and the peace of the Lake

Cycling Route Option 3

Circling the Plastira Lake, City of Karditsa

A flavor of a city and then back to the Paradise

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