climbing in Andros

As cycling mania reaches fever pitch, riders scour the globe to find the hardest and most epic climbs they can ride on two wheels. But where does the word epic comes from and what does it literally mean?

Epic originates from the ancient Greek word έπω; that means to tell and was used to describe a narrative genre of literature. The main characteristic of this genre is its big number of lines and its themes that derive from myths and legends. Epic pertains to or constitutes an epos or heroic poem; narrating at length and in metrical form as a poetic whole, with a subordination of parts a series of heroic achievements or of events under supernatural guidance. The epic or heroic poem in its typical form (the national or popular epic) is exemplified in the great mythological epics, the Homeric epics, Iliad and Odyssey hence; it means something of heroic character or quality; bold in action; imposing.

Nowadays, the word is used for almost anything; to describe a book, a movie or other work as timeless, great, and meaningful. However, climbing steep hills on a bike requires knowing a few tips about increasing your stamina, positioning yourself properly, and keeping your mind focused. So hop back on your saddle and get ready for epic climbs, as Greece boasts about its mountainous terrain and its HC climbs and challenges you to test yourself, both physically and mentally.