Mountain Biking (MTB) in Athens

A complete MTB experience in Athens

Mountain biking is a salutary and pleasantly challenging activity. Riders must traverse bumpy, off-road terrains—much rougher than those on which regular cyclists race—deep in the heart of nature. The activity affords an unusual combination of pleasures: adrenaline and peace (adrenaline in the sense that one is rushing through rough tracks at break-neck speeds, peace in the sense that one is spending time amidst the elements, inhaling the scent of loam and tree-resin, feasting one’s eyes on the revivifying verdure). There are few activities like it.

Magnificent scenery

When it comes to mountain biking, scenery is an integral part of the experience. For this reason mountain biking holidays are immensely popular. The better the scenery, the more pleasurable the mountain biking; and few places offer more picturesque scenery than Mount Parnitha, Athens.

Mountain Parnitha is a mountain range north of Athens, densely populated with Aleppo pines and—a bit higher up—Greek firs. The mountain offers certain vantage points from which a panorama of Athens can be taken. The view from these vantage points is unparalleled in terms of the intake of scope. The mountain itself abounds in flora and fauna, all of which are protected by the area’s classification as a National Park. Here you will find majestic red deer, sneaky foxes, and hurried hares. Be sure to take a camera (in case any forest-creature should make your acquaintance).

Excellent MTB routes

Apart from its sublime scenery, Mount Parnitha offers mountain-bikers state-of-the-art tracks of Olympic standard. Mount Parnitha was, in fact, the venue for mountain biking during the 2004 summer Olympics, of which Athens was the proud host. In order to stage this competition, organisers had to make sure that all venues met the exacting standards of professional athletes; and the mountain biking venue, like all Olympic venues, was brought in line with professional standards. Therefore the tracks belonging to Mount Parnitha are of redoubtable, officially-verified quality. Mountain-bikers holidaying here need not be worry about the tracks’ standards.

Amateur bikers are accounted for as well. Racing tracks span the whole gamut of difficulty levels: whether you are a family of amateurs simply looking to keep the boys busy, or a serious lone racer determined to meet the most difficult challenges, Mount Parnitha has what you are looking for. Your guide will lead you to a track most suitable to your standards.

Proximity to the city

What distinguishes Mount Parnitha from most venues for mountain biking is its proximity to the centre of Athens. Most mountain biking locations are miles and miles from any signs of civilization. Mount Parnitha, conversely, is but an half an hour’s drive away from the most civilized of civilizations, one of the very acmes of civilization. You will never go wanting. Holiday-goers can enjoy both the culture of Athens and the ruggedness of the mountains. In many respects it will feel like two holidays in one.

Shaded MTB Trails

Finally, some mention must be made of the mountain biking conditions themselves. The reader may be worried about the dangers of the sun, especially from an alpine position. The reader need not worry about this, because trails are covered with shade (providing all year long cycling). Trails are also punctuated with water springs, where bikers can fill their flasks and cool off.

Roads completely without traffic

All the gravel roads around the mt. Parnitha are completely closed, keeping vehicles of all kind away from the MTB trails. Therefore, everyone can carry out his or hers mountain biking activity without having to worry about traffic. Mountain bike in Athens is safe and suitable for all MTB lovers willing to have a very good taste on the Greek nature.

Well there you have it. Those are five reasons that make Parnitha, Athens’ MTB spot , one of the world’s best places for mountain biking. For convenience and scenery, Parnitha is really unparalleled. Excellent guides will lead you through an unforgettable experience. Book an MTB tour to Parnitha and you won’t regret it.

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