Cycling in Kefalonia

The Paths of Kefalonia

The largest of the Ionian islands in western Greece, Kefalonia represents one of the most beautiful, idyllic retreats imaginable. Boasting amazing history and fabulous views, a cycling tour in Kefalonia offers a peaceful escape from the pressure of daily life.

The island’s phenomenal history alone makes it worth visiting; it passed under the rule of many different countries before becoming unified with Greece in 1864, meaning it has a wealth of singularities and cultural influences, including Byzantine, British, Venetian, French, and Turkish.It also boasts a rich ecosystem with many rare species of animals and plants, including the endangered loggerhead turtle, which nests along the southern coast of the island.

Cycling in Kefalonia - Discover the best riding Greece can offer - GrCycling

Cycling is the perfect way to unwind, see the island at your own pace, and keep your fitness levels up while taking in phenomenal scenery and history. The tour covers some of the most notable features of the island, ranging from mountaintops to villages to beaches.

A superb cycling experience. Hard climbs, rugged terrain and amazing views. Some of Europe’s best riding is found here.

James Murnay
Passionate Cyclist – Climber, United Kingdom

For proficient cyclists looking for a challenge, the steep terrain and rugged hills in the island’s centre offer a wonderful cycling experience, encapsulating magnificent views from the peaks, and breathtaking climbs, the most exciting being the famous Mount Ainos, the highest peak on the island at 1628m. Mount Ainos is a natural park, resplendent with black pines and a unique species of Greek fir, inhabited by pine martens and semi-wild ponies, and offering amazing prospects out to sea.

Cycling in Kefalonia - Discover the best riding Greece can offer - GrCycling

The cycle tour is not all difficult climbs and challenging terrains; it offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation and sunbathing on the island’s sunny beaches. Myrtos beach, located on the north-west of the island, was voted the best Greek beach twelve times, and boasts tranquil turquoise waters and dazzling white cobblestones. The dramatic sweep of the land frames the sea, making a beautiful site absolutely breathtaking. The wide beach leaves plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxing.

Cycling in Kefalonia - Melissani Cave - Discover the best riding Greece can offer - GrCycling

These views can perhaps be competed with by the stunning Melissani Cave. The cave encompasses a lake, surrounded by a forest, and features beautiful, clear waters with a stony bottom. The first part of the cave is open, allowing sunlight to stream into the ethereal place and creating a truly exquisite experience, especially at dawn and dusk. The second chamber is enclosed, with electric lights allowing you to see the indescribable rock formations within the enormous dome.

Cycling in Kefalonia - Discover the best riding Greece can offer - GrCycling

Finally, Assos village, a charming, tiny spot built on a small peninsula, offers a look into the culture and history of Kefalonia. Traditional houses, narrow alleys, and ancient churches blossom with colour and vibrancy, overlooking the nearby beaches. The ruins of the Venetian castle of Assos – perhaps one of the most famous attractions on Kefalonia – stand as a proud testimony to the history of the island, surrounded by forests of olive trees.

Cycling in Kefalonia - Discover the best riding Greece can offer - GrCycling

Mesmerise yourself with the unique beauty and solitude of Kefalonia, cycling the land’s most exquisite and unusual features at your own pace. Make lasting memories with this breathtaking, unforgettable cycling tour, which explores the culture and civilization of a majestic island, and delves deep into its natural wonders and wildlife.

Enjoy Greece’s best riding!


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