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South Evoia ride - Cycling in Evia

resting during my ride in South Evia

Every single day, each one of us relies on something or someone, to relieve ourselves, to communicate and share experiences, feelings, even seek beauty in others or in nature and in a way we all relate to that. Riding my bike has always been my getaway and the way to refuel and get rejuvenated through beauty and at some point, admittedly, it became my passion, and it ruled my decisions on numerous things in my daily life. How I commuted to work, how much time I spent there, how much I trained, what I ate, how I dressed, even what I did on holidays.

Attending social events with friends and family in the outskirts of my city, was alway the best excuse to cycle, even though that was always accompanied with many spiky teases and jokes. At this point, I have to mention that my close friends were patient, but I certainly tested their limits on such occasions. I, though, would describe myself as a harmonious passionate cyclist who is always open to new adventures and will always look for beauty and inspiration through nature and cycling.

As years went by, there was a crucial moment in my life that I determined to turn my hobby into my sole occupation and devoted myself to the completion of that venture. Right now, after coming back from a 65 km evening ride, I feel I have the chance to make my dream come true and share my passion with others being in a similar restless activities.


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