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Cycling tours in Greece

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Cycling Northern Peloponnese

A worth riding landscape, described by many as the Peloponnese’s best riding. Traditional villages, wine tasting and two superb landmarks are awaiting for you to explore. Suitable for all.

Riding style: ,
Price: € 230 (per person)
Accomodation: None
Tour type: Fully Supported, Friends and Family
Mt Parnassus - Close to Arachova and Delphi Area - Gr Cycling

Delphi and Mt Parnassus

A demanding, highly rewarded ride οn Greece’s most sacred places. A majestic HC climb will get you up to 1760 m Mt. Parnassus summit

Riding style:
Price: € 150 (per person)
Accomodation: None
Tour type: Fully Supported, Friends and Family

Paros & Naxos

The heart of the Cyclades beats here. The three magnificent cycling routes will get you familiar with the authentic Cycladic terrain. Its beauty will fill you with rapture and definitely make you beam.

Riding style:
Price: € 699 (per person)
Accomodation: Selected bike friendly hotels
Tour type: Fully Supported, All Inclusive

Our Stories

Flirt, Love or Passion?

Flirt, Love or Passion?

Romanticism takes on a whole new meaning when a romantic place is integrated with a romantic activity. In this case, the romantic activity being cycling and the romantic place being Greece.

Cycling Andros Island

Where Epic was born…

Get ready for epic climbs, as Greece boasts about its mountainous terrain and its HC climbs and challenges you to test yourself, both physically & mentally.

cycling a sense of freedom

Cycling, a sense of freedom

There’s nothing that can beat a calm and serene cycle ride, be it around the city or amidst the mountains. It’s an indescribable feeling!

View from our on board briefing on our way to Tinos

Riders, welcome to Greece!

We keep an OPEN BOOK POLICY! We share all the insight and information, so that anyone who wants to explore Greece either on his own or by joining us, would be able to do it.

Who invented the first bicycle?

Was it more of a team effort than a single man’s work? From a weird prototype up to its current form, bicycle is now used by millions of people. Read more about its evolution over the decades.

Resting and having a swim in Aegina Island

The perks of living in a Mediterranean Country

Greece is the ideal country for any activity throughout the year, as it constantly gives you the possibility to enjoy the sea even at winter season when the sun brightly shines upon us, urges us, to indulge to any impulse and to just embrace each moment.