About Us

Cycling is our passion, hospitality is our culture.

The combination results in an astonishing cycling experience.

We have been raised in the place where hospitality was born. We know exactly what it means to cordially welcome any visitor. Our aim is to lead the way to a valuable experience where you will unravel the beauty of Greece, but also take advantage of its unique terrain, to live the absolute cycling adventure. Combining sports with vacation could never be easier than in Greece. Therefore, if you are looking for a genuine experience, we are the ones that can help you.

Joining our cycling holidays will not just offer you wellness and personal fulfillment. You will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Greece and you will be totally seduced by the spectacular scenery and landscapes of a country that combines the sea, the mountains and a unique cultural heritage.

Experienced Guides

Our guides are a team of passionate riders ready to take you on roads through the most beautiful places in Greece. Their experience and expertise will offer you an advanced experienced not only for cycling but also for their historical knowledge. Our guided tours include a range of activities, including sightseeing and visits, in order for you to Greece’s treasures and feel the tradition.

Premium Bikes
Our priority as cycling enthusiasts is to enjoy our ride. Therefore, we always choose bikes made of premium materials, top quality frames and technologically advanced components. And we want to share this with you as we would never compromise the feeling a premium bike would offer. In most tours, you have the option to use one of our bikes, which are carefully chosen to meet our high standards.
We value your time!

No matter what’s the number of the group of participants in our cycling holidays, we follow a strict policy regarding the schedule. All our packages, including tickets, accommodation, events, transportation, bikes and our guides are booked and allocated by the time you make your booking. Therefore, you will never have to worry about getting out of schedule.

At your service!

On Ride Support: Whether it is a refueling-rest checkpoint or your bike needs mechanical assistance, our people escorting you during the cycling tour will be able to serve you instantly.


Off Ride Support: Our team of locals, working with us, is willing to expose you to the customs and traditions of their place. Our drivers, with all-road vehicles, will safely transport you to places of endless beauty.

Routes for all

Our cycling tours are tailored to your needs. Whether you are on cycling holidays for the first time or you are a professional athlete, we will adapt the route to your level. We are offering such a variety of tours that we will satisfy your wish whether you are a dedicated club rider with a three-digit weekly mileage, or an active person who enjoys the occasional weekend bike ride.

Passion for Photography
Except for our love for cycling, exploring the beauties of Greece led us to advance another passion of ours: photography. The scenery you will experience absolutely worth a photograph and the experience you will have absolutely worth to be captured and hold forever. So, apart from cycling we are going to share with you our knowledge on the art of photography.
Open Books Policy
During our rides in Greece we had this feeling of amazement and awe, where you feel that you are part of something great. And it was for that reason that we decided to share all that beauty with the world. On our website you can discover all Greece offers to cyclist together with route data and GPX files. Use it whether you book with us or travel on your own!
Friends & Family are Invited

We will plan everything in advance for you so you don’t have to travel alone. Whether your children (over 8 years old) and family decides to join the cycling tour or not, you can still book your vacation with us. We are organizing activities for the entire family or non-cycling friends and we will make sure that everyone who travels with you will enjoy his/her vacation as much as you will do while cycling.

Prolong your Holidays
Even if the cycling tour you are booking with us lasts less than your planned vacation time, you don’t have to worry. Just share your plans with us and we will arrange everything for you. Our team will assist you and provide you will all the information you need about flights, hotels, events, cruises, transportation or anything you might need to make your days off more comfortable.
Diversified Accommodation
Luxurious lodgings, farmhouses, villa resorts, traditional guesthouses, mountain huts and shelters, training camps all are meticulously selected in a way to minimize the distances from your starting points, keep you close to major points of interest and ensure your comfort. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy the ride and have a memorable experience.
We love to ride!
The people working on our project spent significantly more time cycling than walking. It comes naturally for them to be that passionate about your cycling holidays and that is obvious on the level of the service they offer. Making sure that you will have the time of your life is our ultimate goal and we promise to keep it as our top priority from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
We store your bike
In case you want to extend your stay, we can safely store your bike and gear in our premises until your departure date. You will be enjoying the beauty of Greece while we will be taking care of your belongings. We can even ship it to your place of residence in case you want to move to another destination without too much luggage.

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