Exclusive and Private Cycling Trips

Training Camps

Quite frequently, we arrange tanning camps in parts of the country where cycling can take place under great weather condition and on exciting terrain, bringing you close to your training goals. Members of the club are always notified well in advance, allowing them to book their spot first.

Cross Country Touring

At least once a year we organise adventurous, self supported, cross country tours for everyone to join and explore the beauty of the Greek country side. Camping on the banks of the mythical Mt. Olympus and cooking your “traveller’s” meal near lakes of pure water are some of the highlights you can expect. If riding to the unknown and staying out of in the wild is your thing, do not think that twice. Join us!

55+ age groups

Age is not a restriction! The passion to explore and the experience of how to get the best out of each moment, finally meet the ideal place, the country of Greece. Let us connect you with travelers at the same mood as yours and enjoy your vacation time.

New Destinations

Looking for cycling on unexplored terrain and discover a completely new cycling destination? Are you interested in getting acquainted with cultural elements dated from the antiquity, away from any commercial places? Our exclusive deals will get you thrilled! Stay tuned!

Fun “Camps”

Cycling is, above all, a fun thing to do. You will see us riding under a full moon, trying to discover any spells left in this world and swim during the night to break them. An other day, you eye might catch a few crazy cyclists, with their cameras, photo-shooting like mad in the historical centre of Athens. Greek and good Food, is always a great reason to cycle towards a hidden taverna and enjoy a night break from the routine.

Whatever the reason, regardless the motive, we very fond of doing things not always straightforward, following logic. But every time, we have a GREAT time. Let us show what that means. 🙂

Last Minute Deals

In those moments of pure enthusiasm and excitement, we invite our members to ride, train and have good time with us while keeping the costs down. If you are a spontaneous person and last minute decisions sounds familiar to you, think no more and JOIN US!

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